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  • The Malibu Beach Inn plan to move its parking lot across the road .. back before planning next week.
  • =   Malibu goes before the water police in Los Angeles today … to get its cookie for good work. 
  • =    Your power bill may go up 50 percent because of wildfires … underground power lines make more and more economic sense.
  • =   Malibu is in the new very high risk fire maps … as are 350 thousand Californians.
  • =   And the Malibu High choir … arrives in the Big Apple.


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This is Malibu’s only local daily news. It’s the   ((((  time  ))) edition of the (((  day ))) news … from Radio Malibu  …. F-M 99 point 1 K B U U. Good morning … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.


The Malibu Beach Inn plan to move its parking lot goes back before the Planning Commission next Monday night.

Last time … the Planning Commission asked its staff to return with a resolution approving the continued operation of the Malibu Beach Inn … with its oversized restaurant that was not supposed to be open to the public … but reserved for hotel guests.

But the Planning Commission gave a tentative thumbs down to moving the parkign lot across the P C H.

Whatever the city planning commission


Malibu will go before the water police in Los Angeles today … to show how much progress it has made on getting off of the naughty list.

The Regional Water Quality Control Board of Los Angeles today will consider removing several commercial properties in the Civic Center area from its list of polluters.

The shopping centers i

n the Cross Creek and Webb Way area are scheduled to be removed form the list of violators of state and federal clean water  laws.

They have been hooked up to the city’s new 60 million dollar plus sewage treatment plant.

Phase One of the sewage plant treats wastewater from the city hall … Lumberyard … Malibu Colony Plaza …Malibu Village Plaza and Malibu County Mart developments.

The board is likely to discuss Phase Two of the Malibu sewage cleanup order.

Homeowners in several areas have been ordered to stop using their septic tanks within 5 years … under penalty of 10 thousand dollars per day … a freeze on construction or remodeling … and a likely real estate meltdown in the area.

The city has committed an estimated six million dollars towards building Phase Two … but the homeowners would have to pay the construction costs.

And some are predicting that the homeowenrrs will not go along with the expense.

City manager Reva Feldman says she will address the issue before the Los Angeles regional water quality control Board when it meets at 9 o’clock this morning in Culver City.

feldman says she will be speaking about the city’s efforts to line up financing and commitments … to try to beat the 2024 deadline to clean up the groundwater that flows into Malibu lagoon and Malibu Surfrider Beach.


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An estimated 2 point 7 million Californians live in very high fire hazard severity zones … according to a new analysis.

That’s one in 12 people in the state … according to a investigation done by state newspapers … led by the Sacramento Bee.

And you bet … Malibu is on that list.

The list of endangered places stretches from impoverished lumber towns in the shadow of Mount Shasta to high end Malibu.

Rustic Gold Rush cities in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

High-dollar resort communities on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Ritzy Los Angeles County suburbs like Thousand Oaks and Malibu.

They all could be the next Paradise.

Cal Fire is making new fire hazard maps – ready in a year or so – that will incorporate regional wind patterns and other climate factors.

In the meantime, experts say the current maps, created about a decade ago, still provide an important guide to predict where wildfires could do the most damage, in the same way floodplain maps highlight areas that could be hit hardest during severe storms.

Cal Fire is making new fire hazard maps – ready in a year or so – that will incorporate regional wind patterns and other climate factors. In the meantime, experts say the current maps, created about a decade ago, still provide an important guide to predict where wildfires could do the most damage, in the same way floodplain maps highlight areas that could be hit hardest during severe storms.

The newspaper reveals more than 350,000 Californians live in towns and cities that exist almost entirely within “very high fire hazard severity zones” –

And you bet … the 12 thousand residents of Malibu are on that list.

Rancho Palos Verdes holds the dubious honor of being the most populated city in California to have 90 percent or more of its population living within a “very high fire hazard severity zone.”


A state consultant says that electric bills could jump 50% … if California wildfires continue to be as devastating as they have been the last two years.

Plus … California’s ability to execute some of its top clean energy initiatives are in jeopardy … according to a new analysis prepared for Gov. Gavin Newsom

Steven Weissman … an energy expert at  UC Berkeley … says the wildfirs will cause massive rate increases … as utilities pay for the damages that their overhesd equipment causes.

This will inhibit the state’s ability to get more electric cars on the road and phase out natural gas use in buildings.

Both efforts are central to California’s broader ambitions to fight climate change.

This marks one of the most specific and alarming estimates yet of how the state’s worsening wildfire crisis could impact the wallets of millions of utility customers.

Ratepayer groups say this new analysis further shows the need for a new statewide wildfire insurance fund.

But the state has also begun … for the first time … looking into putting power lines underground in high fire risk areas.

But burying powerlines to prevent fires has in the past been viewed as too expensive.

Climate change and the demonstrated dangers of overhead power lines … Plus these cost estimates … are now making the underground option a real possibility.

Either way Power rates look to be increasing … as a result of climate change and fires.


Pepperdine University has seen seven cases of reported sexual misconduct incidents, including “forcible rape, including date rape and sexual battery” and “sexual battery.”

That according to statistics reviewed by the Pepperdine Graphic newspaper.

The incidents have occurred at the Pepperdine main campus at Malibu … and a satellite campus in Lausanne Switzerland … according to the student newspaper … the Pepperdine Graphic.

Federal laws require universities to compile and publish data on on-campus crime. 

The student newspaper reports that the seven reported incidents mark an increase four cases of fondling reported on the Malibu Campus last year.

One case of rape was reported two years ago. 

Pepperdine’s Annual Campus Safety and Fire Safety Report states that access to the campus is screened 24-hours a day, seven days a week … but some students complain that the security booths function more like information kiosks than gates.

University officials say the increase in number of reported sexual assaults may be a reflection of increased awareness of boundary lines … part of the “Me Too” movement.


In news from down the coast … Santa Monica has won a criminal case against a woman accused of being a persistent and flagrant violator of the City’s overnight rental laws.

Diana Hayek has been convicted of five separate criminal misdemeanors.

A task force and sting operation found that she had converted several rental apartments into ov4rnight rentals.

Santa Monica has rent control and pays sttrict attention to its supply of housing stock … available for longterm residents.

Hayek was charged with 23 misdemeanors … including engaging in unlawful vacation rental activities.

She plead guilty to five …

And she agreed to pay restitution … fines and fees of more than 15 thousand dollars to the City of Santa Monica.

Hayek has promised to comply with all laws, … including the city’s ban on hosting or advertising a vacation rental in Santa Monica.

The city says she is subject to 30 days of county jail or 60 days of court supervised community service … for any future violation of the city’s Home-Sharing Ordinance.

The landlord will be on probation for four years.


This is Kabeyun you news in the headlines this morning the Malibu Beach Inn plan the benefits parking lot across Pacific Coast Highway goes back to the planning commission next Monday Malibu goes before the water police done in Culver City today to get a cookie for doing good work



Traffic … in 65 seconds … first …


Weather for the Malibu ….

A High Surf Advisory is in effect from 2 PM this afternoon to 3 AM PDT Friday.

* SURF…3 to 5 feet, building to 4 to 7 feet this afternoon and continuing through tonight.

((((  Springtime Santa Anas will be blowing next 2 days and nights   )))) … highs  ((((  69    )))) beaches … ((((   74   )))) mountains and canyons.

Santa And wind gusts to 20 miles per hour this afternoon… 25 miles tonight.

Sunset tonight is at   ((((    7:22   )))).

After that … (((  windier   )))) tonight … low ((((  53   )))) beaches …  ((((  50   )))) mountains and canyons.

Tomorrow should be   ((((    much the same    )))).

Right now … at Trancas it’s ((((    59   )))) degrees.

Leo Carrillo Beach …   ((((   58     )))) with winds to 9 miles an hour.

Upper Malibu Canyon …  ((((   57    ))))  with winds gusting to 21 mies an hour.

And at Civic Center Los Angeles … ((((   59    )))).

In the ocean … it’s ((((    back down to 58   )))) degrees in the water at Zuma Beach.

Mo says the waves today are   ((((   1 to 3 )))) feet high ….

But good shape.

Those are ((((  fair )))) surfing conditions …. according to the lifeguards.

(((((  Low  tide is at  9:30 AM.

A piddly high tide arrives at 5:10 PM.

Another low tide … 8:07 PM.    ))))


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