KBUU NEWS THURSDAY MAR 23 – Storms End But Tree Falls On Man Over Hill – ‘Ill’ Malibu Mayor Posts Picture From Maui, Meeting Canceled – Mud Control Project Coming Above Malibu HS

Written by on March 23, 2023

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Thursday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


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Tree Falls And Hurts Man At Calabasas High

At least one person was injured and taken to the hospital after a massive tree came down at Calabasas High School last night.

The man was hurt at 6:45 last night.

Winds were not particularly strong at that time … the tree may have just fallen over in the soggy soil.

Los Angeles County Fire Department received calls about the downed tree in the performing arts center parking lot at around 6:47 p.m.

The high school is on Mulhaoolland Highway … near old Topanga Canyon road.

Aerial footage from Sky5 showed first responders on the scene, where at least four cars were struck by the tree.

A man in his 50s suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.

“Scary moments tonight at CHS as a tree fell on a car outside the Performing Arts Center,” said the City of Calabasas in a Tweet.


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Mud Control Work To Protect Malibu High Fields Coming This Fall, City Hopes

After the Woolsey Fire … heavy rain caused a sea of mud to flow down the mountains … overwhelming flood control systems on a small street above Malibu High School.

Over and over again … the small storm drains on Clover Heights got filled up with mud.

It oozed onto he baseball field and softball field at the high school.

The federal government is funding a flood control project that the city will build.

A large catch basin will be constricted at Clover Heights at Harvester …. To try to catch water and mud before it hits the street. 

The drain at the bottom of Clover Heights … above the Malibu High fields … will be totally reconfigured and a walkway installed.

City public works director Rob DuBoux says the fire caused a major problem …


“This whole project started right after the Woolsey fire at that intersection of Harvester and Clover Heights. 

“It just was an issue for us. 

“Every single rain, every single event we would go out there and that inlet would just get overburdened and water would go everywhere on adjoining properties and down the streets. “You saw this mud and debris and everything it was just every single one. 

“And this is going to correct that problem and make sure all that water stays off the street and doesn’t cause any mud and debris down there.”

City officials say the application for federal funds has been turned in to the state … which then applies to the feds.

If all goes well … city officials say construction on the Clover heights storm drain will start in October.

Also in Malibu Park .. Morning View Drive is about to get repaved,.

Reconstructing the mine field of potholes and drainage problems on Morning View has been put off due to the Woolsey Fire … and the large number of trucks used to cart off fire debris. 

City officials say the Morning View project designs have been submitted to LA County … because they control the flood control drainages along that major street.



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2nd Bank Branch In Western Malibu To Close, 1 Left

Wells Fargo Bank is going to close its West Malibu branch…..

The banks says the branch will close its branch at Trancas on June 21st.

It joins Bank of America as the latest big bank bailing on western Malibu.

B of A closed its Point Dume branch during the pandemic.

The Chase Bank is the last branch in western malibu… it’s in Point Dume Plaza.

The civicc center still has a Wells Fargo … and two other bank branches open.

Retail banking is going going gone.


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Malibu High, Samohi Performing About Equally Getting Grads Into UC System

Malibu and Santa Monica high schools appear to be performing equally … in t he number of graduates applying and being granted admission to the state’s top tier university system.

A recent study by the San Francisco Chronicle puts the two public schools in the upper percentages of the achievements.

The newspaper has issued an interactive chart … that tracks the rough performance of every high school in the state. 

The newspaper says about a quarter of public school seniors applied to the UC system last year. 

Among them, about two-thirds were admitted…  and slightly under half of admitted students enrolled.

Interestingly … private school seniors were much more likely to apply to UC … about 52% — 25 percentage points higher than that of public school students. 

But admissions rates for private schools to UC were lower among private school students by six points.

Getting back to the local public schools … Malibu High school last year saw 58 percent of its seniors apply to UCs.

And of those kids … 56 percent were admitted.

And that compares to the 55 percent of Santa Monica graduates … who applied to UC schools … 

Of those Samohi seniors … 65 percent were admitted to UC.

Every public high school in the state is on the chart … compiled by the San Francisco Chronicle.



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Oxnard and Camarillo Residents Unhappy With Airport Noise, Like In Santa Monica

In news from up the coast … more troubles for the owners of small aircraft.

People who live near the Oxnard and Camarillo airport turned out by the dozens at a pair of meetings this week to speak up about noise from those two airports.

Residents have run out of patience, says one Oxnard advisory committee member. 

hat works with the county and a consultant on the project.

The Ventura County hearings saw  65 residents at a meeting focused on the Camarillo Airport … about 15 miles up the coast from Malibu.

Just about all of them upset about airport noise and pollution.

Down the coast from Malibu … the Santa Monica airport is about 5 years away from its scheduled closure over similar noise and pollution complaints.

Flight operations at Camarillo are going significantly … take-offs and landings are up about 50 percent over the past decade.

And many of those planes are corporate jets. 


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Toxic Parasite Spreads From Mountain Lions To Sea Otters In Central Calif

Four sea otters have been found dead along the California coastline … and they were killed by a toxic parasite that has never been detected in an aquatic animal.

The parasite is found in cat poop … 

The otters had contracted an extremely virulent strain of toxoplasmosis, a disease carried by a microscopic parasite. 

Because sea otters live close to shore – they are susceptible to the parasite as it enters the ocean with storm runoff. 

All four otters were found following periods of heavy rain along the coast.

The worry is this …. spread to humans.

it could be an indicator of a threat to other marine wildlife and even humans, as the parasite makes its way up the food ladder.

Three of the otters were found off the Central Coast, in San Luis Obispo County. The other was found near Santa Cruz.

The strain of toxoplasmosis detected in the sea otters is called Coug, and it was first identified in 1995 after an outbreak among humans in Canada. 

The parasite was traced to mountain lions. 

To find that same strain in sea otters nearly 30 years later “was a complete surprise,” said Karen Shapiro of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. 

The preliminary findings of the study have been published in the journal “Frontiers in Marine Science.”  This story is based on reporting in the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle.


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