Extending Sewage Lines In Civic Center Turned Down By Council

Written by on September 10, 2019

Malibu’s sewer system will not be extended … any time soon … to bring in any new hook-ups.

The city council voted four to nothing last night … to concentrate on beating the five year deadline to meet a State Water Board deadline for three residential areas … already scheduled to be connected.

Several prospective homeowners  … a few developers …. and several commercial landowners … have been clamoring to join in to the Civic Center sewage pipes and wastewater treatment plant.

They see it as a plus for the environment … and cheaper.

Tyler Hegdahl [PHONETIC SPELLING] wants to build three houses for his extended family on Malibu Road … west of the supermarket,

He asked the city council to move his small project from Phase Three of the sewer porject … into Phase two … which will be done in five years.


“We are just looking to build family style homes slightly earlier than the unpredictability of phase 3.

“So to the extent we could be put in phase 2 maybe we have a more finite time that we can build our dream family homes.”

But others saw the sewage plant expansion as a back door for extensive new development in the Civic Center area.

Resdient Elizabrth Stevens.


“I don’t want to deny anyone the use of their property, and it  sounds to me that no one here is being denied the use of their property or being able to develop it.

“I think they just have to develop here within the guidelines being presented … and by following the general plan.”

But the project .. as it is being built … is pretty much maxed out for the amount of sewage it can handle … just over 500 thousand gallons per day.

City engineers estimate that is only about 10 thousand gallons a day more than they amount of sewage they expect to be flushed into the pipes.

City coiuncil members said they were uneasy with a pretty small fudge factor … as they put it.

In the end … the city council decided to deny requests to add to the sewer project.

Council member Skylar Peak.


“It’s probably frustrating for some of the property owners, the commercial property owners, they don’t see the flexibility on this the way that it stands.

“Some of the people in regards to capacity of it, they should’ve asked for that capacity when those things were getting decided along.”

It was a 4 to nothing vote. 

Mayor Jefferson Wagner abstained … he owns a condominium in the phase 2 area.

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