Malibu Asked To Endorse Possible Law To Require Underground Power Lines

Written by on April 17, 2019

A state senator has introduced a proposed law … to require electric companies to replace burned out overhead power lines with underground equipment.

And Malibu city council member Karen Farrer wants Malibu to endorse it.

The proposal would require Southern California Edison and other companies to use underground wires unless it is physically impossible to do so.

And the utility companies would be prohibited from raising their rates to pay for it if they fail to meet the goals of their wildfire mitigation plans every year.

The proposed law is one of dozens of proposals floating around Sacramento … after last year’s massive and deadly fires.

Another proposed law would require electric companies to match funds put up by a city to underground power lines.

Underground power lines would have to be paid for somehow … by ratepayers or taxpayers.

And their cost is enormous.

Estimates at undergrounding power lines in the City of Malibu alone hover around the 1 billion dollar mark … and that’s just within city limits.

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