Early Woolsey Fire Response Distracted By LA Mayor’s Interference: LA Times

Written by on August 12, 2019

L A’s city fire chief was distracted in the early hours of fighting the Woolsey Fire … a City of L A big shot kept bugging them to check a private address in Bell Canyon to see if it burned down.

The V I P has now been uncovered … by The Los Angeles Times.

It was Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti … possibly inferring he wanted special protection for one particular house in Ventura County.

The LA City fore department reported earlier this year that its command staff was distracted as the Woolsey Fire broke out … by a V I P repeatedly asking about a particular address 

The address was for a house in the wealthy and gated subdivision of Bell Canyon … a chunk of Ventura County where L A city fire handles emergencies due to its isolated location … away from the rest of Ventura County.

The Times reports that Garcetti and L A fire chief Ralph Terrazas sent texts back and forth over the fate of Bell Canyon.

There were a lot of texts.

56 pages of text messages.

Eventually, the chief asked Garcetti whether he wanted any specific home checked, and the mayor provided an address, according to public records obtained by the Los Angeles Times of text messages between L.A. leaders

The L A Times filed a public records request for the text messages … which are property of the people of the state of California.

The fire department and the mayor’s office eventually complied … but it blacked out numerous important parts … including the particular address that Garcetti was so worried about.

The L.A mayor’s office and fire department said the particular address in the ritzy neighborhood would remain a state secret . … that providing it to The Times constitutes an “unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”

Government accountability experts call that legally questionable at best … more like outright evasion and a coverup.

Complicating things … the first after-fire analysis by L A City Fire of its performance in the early hours of Woolsey called the mayor’s “significant number” messages to be a distraction to department leadership trying to accomplish priority objectives.

Indeed … 11 houses in that neighborhood burned … but not the house being shielded by Garcetti.

La Times article:  https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-08-09/woolsey-fire-mayor-garcetti-texts

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