4 Council Members Declare Global Warming Emergency

Written by on September 10, 2019

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Malibu’s city council has declared a climate emergency … and decided to revisit the issue of citywide renewable electricity.

All five city council members said Malibu should continue to set an example …in environmental leadership.

Such as with the straw ban … and the plastic bag prohibition …

It was a 4 to 1 vote last night … the dissenting vote from Rick Mullen.

He said too many doomsday predictions have come and gone.


“For me it’s better to take action and set an example, rather than to say ‘there’s an emergency.’ I think it’s not an emergency it’s just like Brexit … it’s a deliberative process.

“That’s kind of the way I look at it.”

Council woman Karen Farrer said her kid … an environmental sciences major … has told her the time for hoping to mitigate global warming had passed …

Now it’s time to deal with its effects.


“This is no longer about mitigation.

“It is about adaptation – that is clear.

“And I just want to reiterate here that the resolution is not just about endorsing the declaration of a climate emergency.

“It’s about requesting regional collaboration.”

That means working with nearby cities … the state … and yes the federal government.

As part of the declaration … councilman Skylar Peak asked for the council to reconsider its decision of last year … on default the power choices for Malibu electric customers.

A little background:

The city has dumped Southern California Edison as provider for electricity for accounts within city limits.

Although people can opt to switch back to SCE … power is now being delivered by a cooperative called CCA.

CCA offers a 100 percent renewable power supply to Malibu … at a cost of 10 percent more than current bills.

But the city council last year opted top leave the default setting for everyone at just 50 percent renewable energy from CC A

The other 50 percent comes from burning dirty fossil fuels.

Skylar Peak wants to revisit that … to move the default setting up to 100 percent renewable … while leaving Malibu people the option of switching back to 50 percent or even 66 percent dirty power … to save money.

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