Report Hints That Computer Error May Have Caused Firetruck Snafu

Written by on August 13, 2019

Malibu residents who were infuriated by fire trucks that were sitting on the road during the Woolsey Fire can blame a malfunctioning computer … and bad planning.

That’s the conclusion of an after-action report compiled by the L A County Supervisors and fire department.

The report is still secret … it’s not finished.

But Malibu Mayor Jefferson Wagner read from parts of it last night … at the city council meeting. 

The preliminary county report says a mapping computer at the command post could not connect to another computer program.

And this delayed getting commands to the truck.

But Wagner tells KBUU that the computer snafu was a major impediment … uncovered in the report.

Many Malibu residents were infuriated as they watch houses burned down with firetrucks idle.

Fire truck commanders … particularly from out of town … we’re waiting for orders.

That’s standard fire department protocol … and firefighters know that other firefighters have died rushing around in an uncoordinated effort to put out a wildfire.

That’s little comfort to malibu residents. … who saw entire neighborhoods go up in flames as fire trucks sat waiting for orders.

As we said the official report is not out yet.

Jefferson Wagner was reading out of a draft of the findings at last nights city Council meeting.

There’s no timetable yet on when LA County Will release the final report.

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