City Flack Takes Flak For Outstanding PIO Award

Written by on April 12, 2019

Malibu’s official spokesman has been named this year’s 2019 Crisis Communicator of the Year by the California Association of Public Information Officials for his work during the Woolsey Fire in Malibu.

The overall reaction … from Malibu residents … has been largely negative.

Very negative.

Matt Myerhoff was praised by some Malibu residents last night …. for being a nice person … but blasted for being absent and silent during the Malibu fire.

The association praised Myerhoff and the Malibu response team for … and we quote … “(making) it their top priority to help save residents and businesses and then help the community rebuild.

“His team developed communications materials that kept the public informed during and after the fire.”

Officials at the California Association California Association of Public Information Officials say Myerhoff was nominated by other P I Os.

And that there was no entry fee … other than the 225 dollar per year membership fee charged to cities.

An association spokeswoman says the judges looked at his work … but did not actually talk to anyone in Malibu.

And that … is the crux of comments we got when we asked readers of the Next Door dot com website for comment.

“I think I am living in an alternate universe. You have got to be kidding. “

“There was almost nothing in the way of city commutation during the fires. Period. This is a joke!”

“I like Matt very much but to even accept an award for this is wrong.”

Three of the reaction comments.

Another said it that while the city’s disaster communications “were a day late and a dollar short … that was probably more a function of the city’s disfunction in the chaos after the fire.”

The public information award comes after city manager Reva Feldman was honored as city manager of the year by her peers … which also generated controversy in Malibu.

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