City Council Not Unhappy With ‘Temporary’ SCE Yard

Written by on August 13, 2019

Most of Malibu’s city council says they have no problem with Southern California Edison’s conversion of a field in the center of the city into an industrial storage yard.

The supposedly tempoorarty parking lot for trucks and power equipment was installed last winter … and was supposed to have been removed by more than a month ago.

But the utility company has discovered that making Malibu’s power poles saved is a much bigger job and they were usually thought.

Critics ;ike Briuce Silverstein … who told the city council last night but the trucks need to go.


“SCE … which did a good job of destroying Malibu … asks for permission to use this yard is a work yard … which isn’t zoned industrial … it’s not permitted.

But the city bent over backwards to get in the ability to destroy this open-space.

Something is rotten in Denmark.”

Mayor Jefferosn Wagner said he agreed … that it was one thing for Edison to need the industrial lot on an emegrency basis to repair lines after the fire … and after th efloods … and to then trim trees to prevent fire.

But the mayor says  … he’s over that.

He said last week that an Edison company officials said they’re really using the Malibu lot as a cost-saving method.


“He indicated that it was also a cost savings for SCE.

And that kind of didn’t sit well with me because I thought we should accommodate for emergency.”

But Wagner said the emergency is over …

But other city council members said the tmeporary power company storsage lot is a necessary evil.

Councilman Skylar Peak.


“I think it’s a benefit to the community to have the polls repaired in the most timely manner possible … and that’s why the site is there.”

I think it’s a matter of public safety.”

The industrial yard in the heart of the city issue goes back before the planning commission next week.

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