City Makes $3 Million Bet That Homeowners Will Agree To Sewer

Written by on April 10, 2019

The Malibu city council is making a three million dollar bet that Civic Center area homeowners will sign up to pay for and build sewer lines.

On a 3 to nothing vote late Monday night … the city council voted to accept a 3 point 6 million loan from Hughes Research Lab … to design Phase 2 of the Civic Center Wastewater Treament system.

HRL will loan the city the money to start designing the system … and will be able to hook up to it to beat a 2024 deadline … set by the state water board … to stop using septic tanks.

Residents of the Malibu Colony … the Malibu Civic Center condominiums … the Serra Estates subdivision … have also been ordered to stop using their septic tanks by 2024.

The City of Malibu is in the middle.

City manager Reva Feldman is trying to come up with financial packages acceptable to the various  homeowners and homeowners associations.

Some are balking at the cost.

Others … such as homeowners along the beach … are reportedly ready to write checks.

Feldman told the city council Monday night that the city itself is off the hook.


“The city has the city has no liability with that with the regional board, because we’ve already connected our properties as part of Phase 1.

“So the penalties would go to each property owner, which is a $10,000 a day fine.”

City manager Reva Feldman stressed that the fine and the orders are coming from the state … not the city.

As part of the deal … Hughes Research Lab will loan the city $3.6 million for phase 2 design.

H R L will get back all but $300,000 dollars of that when — and if — the home owners come on board.

If that doesn’t happen … the city is on the hook for the refund.

In addition to $10,000 a day fines …. homeowners in the Phase 2 area would be unable to get building permits … and would likely have difficulty selling or refinancing their homes … under the state sanctions.

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