Sycamore Cyn May Get City Help Battling MRCA Invasion

Written by on February 13, 2018

The city of Malibu may help Sycamore Park residents install a gate … and take zoning code enforcement action against a renegade parks agency from outside town … that has wedged in a public park on a private series of driveways in the middle of Malibu.

We’re talking about Sycamore park .. in Escondido Canyon … where the M R C A … the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority … is taking over private driveways.

The MRCA has used state recreation bond money to buy a sliver of a neighborhood … without access from a public street … and declared it to be a park.

Here are some of the residents last night at the city council meeting … starting with former Mayor Ken Kearsley.


VOICE 1:  “They’re changing how we live … they’re taking our privacy …”

VOICE 2: “How can the MRCA take a private residential community??? How can one agency change the use?”

VOICE 3: “ It’s a very small piece,. It’s jammed between my house and my neighbors. The concept of that being parkland is just amazing to me.”

Malibu city attorney Cristi Hogin backtracked.

Last meeting she told the residents that the city could not assist them.


“We talked last time about the overuse of the private easement, and so we all know that we can’t protect private property rights.

“But this is the first time that heard that they have actually opened up a park without a CUP, which is required under the LCP.

“And that’s just a code violation, and that we’re not going to put up with, and so that we’ll follow up on that right away.”

City attorney Christi Hogin.


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