Malibu Tells SMMUSD: Enough, We’ve Had It

Written by on February 13, 2018

Malibu’s city council rejected a request from Santa Monica school officials …. to give them more time to come up with a school district divorce between Santa Monica and Malibu.

The local school superintendent … Ben Drati … travelled to Malibu last night to say … the school district hasn’t done it’s homework.

The school district was supposed to come up with a counteroffer to Malibu over the divorce of the school district .. splitting Malibu away from the distant and disconnected school district.

The Santa Monica deal was supposed to be on the table this week.

Ben Drati told the city council last night that details from Santa Monica … for a 50 year series of payments from Malibu to Santa Monica … would not be ready as promised this week.


“Originally we planned to have that meeting on February Fifteenth, and I think we overreached in that attempt.”

The requested delay from the school board went over like a lead balloon.

The city Council has filed a legal petition with in LA County Agency to begin divorce proceedings … but agreed to put that on hold while the school board came up with an offer to divorce amicably.

Council members said Malibu has waited long enough.

And city Councilwoman Laura Rosenthal told the Santa Monica school superintendent:


“We gave you a year … this is your 13th month … you’re not a newby anymore. [Chuckle.]

“I always appreciate your candor and working with us but I think some of this, is on you now.”

Malibu city council members could not take action last night ….the item was not on the agenda.

But it was clear from their comments they plan to put the official divorce papers back in play with  the county as soon as possible.

Their ill temper … perhaps … aggravated by news delivered last night by Malibu’s only representative to the Santa Monica based school board … Craig Foster.

He told the city council that school enrollment in Malibu has plummeted 22 percent in the last six years … but has held even in Santa Monica.

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