Edison Says Power More Reliable – Honest, Just Ask Them

Written by on March 13, 2018

Southern California Edison officials are doing a much better job ,… keeping the lights on in Malibu.

Just ask them.

The final reliability statistics for last year in Malibu are not out yet … but spokeswoman Diane Forte says the utility is getting a handle on the outages caused by grime that builds up in summer … and that then shorts out in heavy fog.



“Reliability has improved much since 2016.

“Aa lot of it has to do with just looking at the worst performing circuits, concentrating on that, on the upgrades and tie-ins and improving the reliability there.”

On one foggy weekend in October 2016 … there were 14 flashovers … explosions and pole fires.

Edison line workers told KBUU News … that the monopoly utility -brought on- the frequent power outrages … by cutting back on the washing of power insulators.

Forte says Edison has resumed washing its lines in summer months … to remove the coastal grime that shorts out in the fog.

The proof will be in the reliability statistics … an annual report that usually comes out earlier in the year.

The Edison spokeswoman says those details will be out next week.

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