After the Woolsey Fire: Community Resources

Local Neighbor to Neighbor Updates:

People have been sharing local information by using the private neighborhood social network Get the latest updates from your neighbors including community resources, news and information.

California Wildfire Recovery Resources:

A Statewide informational resource for help specific to California including, local assistance, debris removal information, services, housing, local assistance center info, contacts and more.

File a FEMA Claim:

Talk to a representative or file a claim online. Even if you have insurance, FEMA Can cover gaps in coverage.

Malibu Evacuee Update – November 13, 2018

Live You Tube Video from the City of Malibu at Santa Monica High School “Thanks for tuning into the live stream of the evacuee update. Please submit your questions to and we will be sure to respond and post answers to your questions on the City of Malibu’s website at”

Woolsey Fire Structure Destruction Map

This “Crowd-Sourced” map shows homes and building that were either destroyed or damaged in the fire.

This is KBUU News – day 33 of the fire – the headlines: =  Malibu’s fire chief says state law will prevent some houses from being rebuilt. =  The sheriff says the roadblocks may cost top lieutenants their jobs. =  A new mayor and two city council members sworn in. = Southern California Edison failed […]

Caltrans officials say they hope to find some sort of solution soon for dozens of residents were still trapped outside of their houses … because of fire repair work on mountain and canyon roads west of Malibu. Utility crews from Southern California Edison and Frontier Communications have their trucks on the roads. Plus… Caltrans is […]

Southern California Edison told the state Public Utilities Commission on Thursday an outage of its equipment before the Woolsey Fire may have been caused by a guy wire and a jumper making contact. The official cause of the fire is still under investigation. Now … the state’s news media have finally discovered that the California […]

The spectre of one tenth of Malibu’s houses burned down … loomed heavily over Malibu city council chambers last night … as a new mayor and city council were sworn in. There was more than an hour of ceremonial proclamations and small gifts lavished by people outside Malibu on the two departing city council members […]

LA County’s new sheriff says the performance of top commanders at the Malibu Lost Hill Sheriff Station during the recent fire … and during the murder investigation last summer in Malibu Canyon … may get them fired. Malibu residents are generally furious with the hard-line tactics taken by the sheriffs office during the fire emergency […]

Los Angeles fire chief Daryl Osby says the department will not allow some houses in Malibu to be rebuilt. The chief says state fire codes will not be waived if a house cannot meet newer fire code requirements. NEWSCART OSBY QQQ UNABLE TO BUILD. They are going to have to meet current code. That means […]

This is KBUU News – the headlines: =  Fire on Malibu Road .. it was a minor one. =  PCB tests are late … school won’t reopen at maliubu High til Wednesday. =  The Bel Air Bay Club is asking Coastal to rebuild its jetties … more than 500 tons of rocks will be trucked […]

The Bel Air Bay Club is going before the California Coastal Commission this week … to rebuild its two rock jetties. The rocks are technically called groins … they were built in 1947 to capture sand at the private beach, just down the coast from Malibu. About 93 tons of rock that have been knocked […]

Another 35 houses in Malibu were inspected and cleared of hazmat on Friday. State and federal inspectors are entering burned out properties … one by one … and looking for materials that cannot be taken to the landfill. Things like melted lead batteries … cans on paint that made it through the inferno … SWEPT […]

Some excitement this morning on Malibu Road. A garbage can caught fire … next to a house at 24858 Malibu Road. The fire spread to a fenceline … and then the side of the house. The first arriving engine put out the fire. No cause has been determined, —— Tests for PCB contamination at Malibu […]

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